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Monday, October 18, 2010

Client Central > Announcements > We also offer Kloxo Premium Panel with Extra Features (!)

CentrioHost now also Offers Kloxo for Reseller/Shared Hosting
Plus some extra features (!)

These new servers comes with - New Premium Kloxo Panel, with improved plugins. Not free open-source ones. And also -

1. Servers are Lighthttpd powered, your Wordpress sites and Joomla sites with Ajax will run 10 times faster than Apache servers.

2. All business class hosting supported. Like PTC/E-Commerce Etc.

3. All hosting features, plugins are installed.

4. 100% Uptime (SLA) you will get.

5. 10 different language supported. Including Chinese as well..! Not opensource which only have 3 language.

6. Unlimited hosting creation and account selling facilites for resellers.

7. SSL installation facilites with dedicated IP.

8. You can also use that as your backup server.


So get your Kloxo panel based hosting now. Make note that, this is for Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting only. So, when you will order for default cPanel and WHM based Shared / Reseller hosting on centriohost, just put in the comment box that "I need Kloxo Panel, not cPanel/WHM" so that our provisions department can provide you Shared / Reseller hosting with Kloxo panel.



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