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Rules and regulations of domain transfer?

Some of the rules and regulations of transferring a domain are :

1. You cannot transfer a domain name that has been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.

2. You need to ensure that the email address of the administrative contact of your domain name at your current registrar is correct. We would be required to contact you at this address and make a request for approval of the transfer.

3. After we have notified you that the transfer is completed, you must log in to your account and verify the contact information for your domain. Inaccurate or incomplete contact data may result in the cancellation of your domain name.

4. If the domain name is locked, the transfer will not be accomplished. So, you will first need to contact your current Registrar in order to unlock your domain name.

5. Domain should be transferred within 5-6 days.

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For Transfer fee and charge, visit : http://domain.centriohost.com

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