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How to integrate WHMAMP with WHMCS billing manager?

This guide will help you to add WHMAMP with your WHMCS Billing System. Follow the steps bellow:

1. Login to WHM and click on "WHMAMP Reseller Addon" from the left side.

2. Click on "Download WHMCS Module" and download the required module for your WHMCS.

3. Upload WHMAMP Folder into: /modules/servers/

4. Create Server from WHMCS Admin Panel. Under "Server details", choose WHMAMP.

5. Under "Setup" > "Products/Services", Create a "Reseller Package". In Module Settings Tab, Choose "WHMAMP" as Module Name.

6. Complete the form and choose the option for Account to Create. Thats it!

For any help, you may contact with our support team anytime.

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